The NiceDay Way

The NiceDay Way

The NiceDay Way describes the process that a client carry out together with their professional. Technology facilitates registration and communication, so that proven effective interventions can be deployed at those moments when they have the most impact for clients and their progress. Personal characteristics and circumstances are included in the prevention or understanding of complaints and in shaping the coaching or treatment process. The NiceDay Way no longer focuses only on complaints but also strengths and clients are gradually better able to organize their life in a healthy way.

The NiceDay Way is a fully digital form of iCBT that makes use of technology and data to optimally support therapists in providing effective, evidence-based and client-directed treatments. This is done through a combination of treatment elements including video call sessions and flexible in-between session chat; regular self-tracking by clients of behaviors, thoughts and feelings; routine measurement of client's self-assessed progress and their view on the working alliance; and direct communication of tracked and measured data to the therapists dashboards.

The four pillars of the NiceDay Way

Working together on growth

Clients work together with their professional on their personal recovery and growth. They do this in a  goal orientated manner, with an equal working relationship, in which they can also involve their social circle.

Dynamic process

Clients have accessible and flexible contact with professionals. On the basis of their registrations, they will be able to gain more insight into the dynamics of the things they are struggling with. This will also provide professionals with the tools to identify and respond quickly to significant events.

Evidence based

In a process tailored to each client individual needs and goals, effective and evidence based interventions are applied in an innovative way, facilitated by technology. Clients will perform exercises in important moments during their daily life, thereby increasing their impact.

Continue with confidence

Clients personal strengths are at the forefront of the process. By working together with their professional and gaining a greater self insight, among other things, clients will get a feeling of control over their complaints. This will ensure that they are in a stronger position to continue independently and with confidence.